Visits and tasting workshops

A great introduction to discover the world of wine!

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Visit of the oenological discovery area

Understanding wine… even when you don’t know anything about it

What is the difference between white, rosé and red?

What is the best terroir to grow chardonnay?

Wich aromas are found in our main Ardèche grape varieties ?

What roles do bees and bats play in our vineyard ?

Come and have answers to these questions by visiting our oenological discovery area composed of 3 rooms and a garden:

  • The “terroir” room to unlock the secret of our Ardèche soils
  • The “chai” room where you will know everything to better understand the vinification and aging of our wines
  • The “papillae” room to discover the aromas that flourish in our different grape varieties
  • Our biodiversity garden, created in partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds, will present to you, on a smaller scale, our vineyard and its interactions with Ardèche biodiversity.

Visiting this space is very simple

  • Meet at the Néovinum reception desk in Ruoms

  • From April 1 to September 30: one departure every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • From October 1 to March 31 during Holiday Zones A B and C, a departure every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  • €3 per person. Free for children under 18 without reservation

Get started with tasting

Do you think it’s complicated? that you have to have a lot of knowledge and vocabulary of wine?
We’ll show you that it’s not.

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introduction to tasting

Learn by playing

During a 45-minute workshop, your host specialized in oenology introduces you to the art of tasting through a series of sensory games and the tasting of 3 wines.

Workshops for everyone 

  • 8€/person

  • Booking is recommended

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Food and wine workshops

Gourmet and convivial discoveries for the epicurious!

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Gourmet and fun tasting workshops
Discover the art of food and wine pairing during thematic workshops

At the Domaine Terra Noé, we regularly organize evenings around wine and gastronomy. Come and spend a friendly moment in a magnificent place.

  • Domaine Terra Noé, Rochecolombe

  • €28 per person (reservation required)

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Visits and unusual activities

Dare to discover wine differently

Wine tours in Aven d’Orgnac
To experience an unforgettable tasting 50 m underground

At the Vinothèque de l’Aven d’Orgnac

Regularly, 50 m underground, accompanied by your guide specialized in oenology, learn about the art of tasting in a breathtaking setting!

Pour vivre cette dégustation inoubliable

  • Grand site de l’Aven d’Orgnac

  • €23 per person. (mandatory reservation)

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Bikoenology: discover our lands by electric mountain bike

Au domaine Terra Noé

In an exceptional natural environment, in the middle of the hills of Rochecolombe, enjoy a hike in the vineyards on an electrically assisted mountain bike followed by a tasting of the estate’s vintages.

To live these unforgettable moments at the Domaine Terra Noé

  • Domaine Terra Noé, Sauveplantade, 07200 Rochecolome
  • €49 per person. (mandatory reservation)

  • limited number of participants

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Concert evenings at
Domaine Terra Noé

Regularly, we organize evenings with: a free concert, paid drinks and snacks.
Booking is recommended.

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to know , Neovinum is both :

Enjoyable Food
The cellar of "Vignerons Ardéchois"

hundreds of wines of exceptional quality

l'Espace Musée
A place for oenological entertainment

Immersion in the amazing world of wine

l'Espace Musée
The wine library of Aven d'Orgnac

Experience all senses 50 meters underground

Les événements au Domaine Terra Noé
Workshops at Domaine Terra Noé

Discover, understand, to taste better

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